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Kathryn Mayorga Ronaldo

Kathryn Mayorga wirft Cristiano Ronaldo vor, sie vergewaltigt zu haben. Aus Mangel an Beweisen stellt die Staatsanwaltschaft die Ermittlungen. Das sagte Leslie Mark Stovall, der Anwalt des mutmaßlichen Opfers Kathryn Mayorga. Er bezieht sich auf die Zivilklage, die Mayorga vor dem. Die Amerikanerin Kathryn Mayorga beschuldigt Cristiano Ronaldo, sie am frühen Morgen des Juni in einem Hotelzimmer in Las.

Keine Anklage wegen Vergewaltigung gegen Ronaldo

Die Amerikanerin Kathryn Mayorga beschuldigt Cristiano Ronaldo, sie am frühen Morgen des Juni in einem Hotelzimmer in Las. In zahlreichen Posts beschuldigt sie Ronaldo massiv – und wendet sich direkt an Kathryn Mayorga (35). Also an jene Frau, die behauptet, sie. Ronaldo wurde von der US-Amerikanerin Kathryn Mayorga vorgeworfen, sie am Juni in einem Hotelzimmer in Las Vegas.

Kathryn Mayorga Ronaldo Quick Facts Of Kathryn Mayorga Video

Cristiano Ronaldo speaks about rape allegation from Kathryn Mayorga

Aufgabe gemacht, Kathryn Mayorga Ronaldo sich, die sich. - Cristiano Ronaldo streitet die Vergewaltigungsvorwürfe ab. (Bild: Luca Bruno / AP)

Bereits hatte die Amerikanerin Anzeige erstattet und war ärztlich untersucht worden. 9/30/ · Kathryn Mayorga Biography – Kathryn Mayorga Wiki. Kathryn Mayorga is an American woman who claims that Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo raped her in Las Vegas in They met on June 12, in a Las Vegas nightclub. Ronaldo was in Las Vegas on vacation with his brother-in-law and cousin. 10/28/ · Kathryn Mayorga Net worth. Kathryn Mayorga was a former P.E teacher, aspiring model, and club promoter. While this suggests a modest income, we did also learn that she received $, as part of an out of court settlement. This payment came from Portuguese football captain, Cristiano Ronaldo after an alleged rape claim was made. 10/20/ · And Ronaldo told his lawyers Ms Mayorga said “no” and “stop”, leaked emails claim. Now Ms Mayorga, 34, is pursuing a civil case against year-old Ronaldo, seeking damages of £,Author: James Beal.
Kathryn Mayorga Ronaldo RON THE DANCEFLOOR Cristiano Ronaldo video – Juventus star dancing intimately with rape accuser Kathryn Mayorga at Vegas nightclub just hours before alleged. Mayorga claims Juventus ace Ronaldo, 35, attacked her in June at the Vegas Palms Casino Resort. Ronaldo has always fiercely denied Mayorga's claims, branding them "fake news". The model was working in the resort's nightclub and met the star in the venue's VIP area. CRISTIANO RONALDO will face no charges after an accusation of rape from Kathyrn Mayorga. The football superstar, 34, had vehemently denied the allegations, labelling them "fake news" after he was. Kathryn Mayorga is an American woman who claims that Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo raped her in Las Vegas in They met on June 12, in a Las Vegas nightclub. Ronaldo was in Las Vegas on vacation with his brother-in-law and cousin. It was during the summer when Cristiano Ronaldo, would transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid for a then-record sum of 94 million euros. In leaked legal documents, Ronaldo confessed that American Kathryn Mayorga (pictured together that night in ), 35, said no several times while they had sex In the document - created in.
Kathryn Mayorga Ronaldo Dubai Prince climbs world's tallest building Royal Train tour: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit school Shocking moment 'Fagin' mother makes son steal wrapped presents Quackers! What happened with Cash Bar Pfizer vaccine and is it a cause for concern? We have been instructed to immediately assert all existing claims under press law against SPIEGEL, in particular compensation for moral Natalia Nepryaeva in an Casino Professor corresponding to Borussia Restaurant Frankfurt gravity of the infringement, which is probably one of the most serious violations of personal rights in recent years. C in the other room and describe the sequence of events regarding any such physical contact and involving Book Of Ra App embracing, fondling, kissing, or going from a standing position to lying on a bed, or on the floor, or wherever it took place. Facebook in the dock: Forty-six US states launch massive lawsuit against social media group for predatory Kathryn Mayorga says the alleged assault left her with post-traumatic stress. At some point they said goodnight to each other. Mayorga had noticed that she was being followed. It then ends in a settlement agreement. He later wrote, "My clear conscious will thereby allow me to wait Spiekle tranquillity the results of any and all investigations. The examination report shows that Mayorga Kathryn Mayorga Ronaldo treated in the hospital for two hours. Come with me! She said to herself: "OK, you've got to be cool now! Her injuries -- a circumferential swelling with bruising and a laceration -- were photographed. Kathryn Mayorga is a Pokerlab budding model, and currently she works as a physical education teacher in an elementary school. But for a conviction to occur, guilt needs to be determined beyond reasonable doubt -- and that is Elbtal Pfannengemüse difficult with sex crimes. L Phase of those is whether Mayorga pleasured Ronaldo with her hand.

Kathryn Mayorga says the alleged assault left her with post-traumatic stress. Primal Information. Home Australia. Kathryn Mayorga. View this post on Instagram.

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Although the victim can apply for the case to be tried under a pseudonym, it is public and, of course, there is no guarantee that the person's anonymity will remain protected.

For this reason, many victims decide to resolve their case out of court, for example by mediation, in which a neutral person acts as mediator. It then ends in a settlement agreement.

This kind of procedure can be advantageous for both sides. The identities of the perpetrators and victims can be protected. The entire process is shorter than a trial.

The distressing details of the rape don't necessarily have to be rehashed. These arguments made sense to Mayorga. I wanted him to deal with it, to have to face me," she says.

She also says that she wasn't looking to enrich herself, but she wanted him to pay for her treatment. He's going to pay for my goddamn treatment!

She said she represented a plaintiff in Las Vegas in a case against the football player. By the end of July, it was clear that it was serious.

Several lawyers had become involved in the case by then, including one based in California who had represented several prominent personalities in court.

Ronaldo's lawyers discussed what the best course of action might be. A list containing hundreds of questions was submitted to Ronaldo, his brother-in-law and his cousin.

There are several versions of the questionnaire. The questions remain more or less consistent on all of them, but the answers do not. In one version from December , Ronaldo speaks of consensual sex and that there had been no indication that she wasn't OK with it during sex nor did it seem that she wasn't doing well afterward.

But there is another, much earlier version. It is the document that could have serious consequences for Ronaldo. It was sent via email in September In response to the question as to whether Ms.

In the document, X says that she was lying on her side. It was rude. We didn't change position. She said that she didn't want to, but she made herself available.

X: "She didn't complain about it being brutal. She complained that I forced her. She didn't say anything about wanting to go to the police.

In the answers to the list of questions, Ronaldo confirms Mayorga's version on the following points: She said no several times.

And he apologized afterwards. Their stories contradict each other on several points. One of those is whether Mayorga pleasured Ronaldo with her hand.

He says she did, she says she didn't. Ronaldo says they engaged in foreplay in the bathroom. He also portrays their encounter beforehand in the club differently: He says the women had asked to be let into the VIP section and had had a few drinks.

He also says they didn't exchange numbers, but that he invited the women to his hotel straightaway. Mayorga, according to some of Ronaldo's companions, didn't appear disturbed in any way when she later emerged from the room.

In the meantime, Ronaldo's lawyers in the U. He collected details about her life, gathered information about parking tickets and the like, watched her house and spent hours shadowing her.

Mayorga drove her personal vehicle and parked in the self-parking garage. She exited her vehicle and walked to the hotel. She was met at the elevator by an individual They embraced at the elevator.

She had over three 3 glasses of wine. Mayorga had noticed that she was being followed. On one occasion, she went to lunch with a friend and "there was an investigator looking at us and writing notes down.

And we were laughing, like: 'Could you make it obvious! Her father Larry says: "I took her to the gym, working out teaching her how to punch, stuff like that.

She wanted to learn how to defend herself. We worried about her back then. Ultimately, the bill for the private detective, according to the documents, ended up being tens of thousands of dollars, but Ronaldo's lawyers weren't happy with the results.

One of the American lawyers insisted in an email that a second private detective be hired in an effort to discount the alleged victim's claims that she has been suffering psychologically from the consequences of the crime.

Ronaldo's lawyers also apparently considered filing charges against Mayorga for blackmail. The problem with that strategy, though, is that she hadn't named a sum nor had she made any other demands.

The two parties met on Jan. An experienced mediator was on hand and Ronaldo's team of lawyers drove up in a limousine.

The football star himself did not make an appearance. When the mediation began, Mayorga was in one room with her lawyer while Ronaldo's legal team was in a neighboring room.

Mayorga's parents and brother were sitting in the hallway outside. Her face is vacant, the fingers of her right hand stroking her turquoise earrings.

I wanted him to deal with it, to have to face me. That's what I wanted most of all. She says that the mediator went back and forth between the two rooms to tell each side about the arguments presented by the other and, ultimately, to come up with a settlement.

This time, it was just a number: ", dollars. Ronaldo wrote back: "That's the amount? We won't accept it. The negotiations are continuing.

Ronaldo then asked: "Is that too much? I think we'll close this for less. Mayorga's family was sitting outside the room.

Recalling that day, they say they could hear their daughter crying and screaming through the door. I don't even know how they sleep at night," says Kathryn Mayorga.

I just stepped back and said: 'Bite your tongue, Larry, and just This is her life and this is her decision.

She's an adult. Kathryn's brother clearly remembers the day of the mediation. The whole experience "was absolutely disgusting.

It was horrible," he says. You could hear them laughing and joking," he says. Just like his parents, Jason Mayorga says he had a bad feeling about the talks.

Kathryn's lawyer, he says, agreeing with his parents, "didn't seem like she had a handle on things. I'm back again! Kathryn Mayorga says that at some point, all she could do was lie on the floor.

I was completely unstable. This will break me next time. I cannot do this again. If I walk away now, having to do this again will just break me.

On top of that will be the costs for mediation that I already told you about, plus a few payments to the lawyers who are now trying to formalize the transaction.

I know that is a lot of money, but I think it was the best way out -- and it also wasn't easy to get at all. At the time, that's how much Ronaldo earned each week at Real Madrid.

The lawyers worked on the precise wording of the agreement into the summer, adjusting paragraphs and modifying formulations.

One issue addressed, for example, was how much Mayorga was allowed to say during her therapy sessions. Ronaldo's legal team insisted that she be prohibited from mentioning his name even to her therapist and demanded that she not be allowed to complain about him.

They even went so far as to insist that she not speak about him to her family. This would create a hard-to-control atmosphere, one of his lawyers wrote in an email.

Ronaldo's lawyers sought to guarantee the elimination of any possibility that the secret would ever be revealed. The question of how Mayorga would pay taxes on the settlement money also arose.

If she didn't do it, the lawyers worried, the U. As such, it appears that Ronaldo paid for the Las Vegas case using sponsor money.

The final out-of-court settlement included 11 clauses. The most important of them is the one prohibiting Mayorga from ever speaking about the incident and requiring her to drop all accusations against Ronaldo.

And she was required to "provide her certification that she has permanently destroyed or deleted any and all electronic, written or other materials generated or received as a result of the alleged events.

Among those documents is a letter. Because Ronaldo failed to come to the arbitration meeting, Kathryn Mayorga insisted that she be allowed to write him a letter that had to be read to him within two weeks.

The requirement was part of the settlement document. It is difficult to read. Essentially a long, desperate wail.

What would God think of that!!! What would God think of you!!! Don't take another woman's life as you did mine!! I wanted justice!

There really is 'no justice' in this case. The football star himself appears in the document under the alias "Topher. And that paper was signed by Ronaldo himself.

Her mother says the first years were bad. She pushed us away. Totally shut down You want to go in and say, 'Let us do something. And help.

Her father says: "I didn't realize that this was going to continue to be with her. But she never did. It just Shortly after the police officer finished recording her statement, Kathryn Mayorga began going to therapy.

She says she only took part a couple of times in group therapy sessions for rape victims. It is one of the moments during our interview when her eyes filled with tears.

If you're not going to share it, don't come here. In the first five years after her encounter with Ronaldo, she was obsessed, she says once she regains her composure.

She says she had to quit her job. Even just seeing the hotel with its illuminated letters was too much for her. Doing something with her university degree was out of the question, she says.

And the thoughts of suicide kept returning. Only when she was traveling, she says, did she have a sense of freedom, far away from everything.

But not always. So it's like every little kid's wearing his shirt. In the first year, she drank a significant amount of alcohol, she then admits.

Only after five years, Kathryn Mayorga says, did she start to feel a bit better. Not to the point that she would have been able to be in a normal relationship, "but after the fifth year I started becoming more happy.

To a large part, that had to do with her new job. She started working as a physical education teacher in an elementary school.

Working with children But she was never actually happy, she says. And again, blaming of the rape. And I blame him, and I blame myself for signing that thing.

I read the comments In an email sent on April 10, , a list of questions was sent to him. His Munich lawyer Johannes Kreile answered on his behalf: "We categorically reject the accusations raised in your questions," he replied.

He added that his client would "take action against any untrue factual claims as well as any violation of his right to privacy.

On the day it was published, the article made waves internationally. But the Gestifute statement was quoted just as often, in which the story was branded a work of "journalistic fiction.

The Mayorga story quickly faded into the background. The video shows the six-year-old shooting a penalty shot just like his father.

The video was viewed 12 million times. Leslie Mark Stovall, 65, is a different caliber than her first legal representative. His gray hair pulled back in a pony tail, Stovall has been practicing law in Las Vegas for the last 30 years.

There are those who recall him showing up in court wearing jeans and a cowboy hat. Stovall has plenty of trial experience in the courtroom, even representing himself on one occasion.

He was suspended from the bar for two years. Stovall is eager to avoid giving his opponents any openings. The salary of Kathryn is still to get unfold and will be updated soon.

Kathryn is a married woman. She was married to Albanian Bartender, her college boyfriend. The couple got married in the year The couple spent only some blissful moments together and got separated after a year.

Currently, Kathryn is focusing in her career rather than being in a relationship. She is living with her parents in a beautiful house with a large garage, a swimming pool, a well-maintained yard and a nice view of the city.

Kathryn loves to travel a lot and has traveled to various places for her modeling projects. She works out every day and eats vegan.

Her favorite color is Black. Her favorite actor is Tom Cruise and her favorite actress is Emma Stone. Her dream holiday destination is Paris. Read More: Biography of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Kathryn Mayorga Ronaldo Das sagte Leslie Mark Stovall, der Anwalt des mutmaßlichen Opfers Kathryn Mayorga. Er bezieht sich auf die Zivilklage, die Mayorga vor dem. Die Amerikanerin Kathryn Mayorga beschuldigt Cristiano Ronaldo, sie am frühen Morgen des Juni in einem Hotelzimmer in Las. Die US-Amerikanerin Kathryn Mayorga hatte Ronaldo vorgeworfen, sie in Las Vegas vergewaltigt zu haben. Was dort zwischen den. Ronaldo wurde von der US-Amerikanerin Kathryn Mayorga vorgeworfen, sie am Juni in einem Hotelzimmer in Las Vegas vergewaltigt.


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